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School Holiday Activity

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Join our school holiday activity "Reading For Self Improvement", specially designed for children age 6 - 12 years old. This activity will be held from 8th June 2010 to 17th June 2010.

For more information please visit your nearest CIC Centre.

Reading for self improvement

Please feel free to inform your friends and neighbours so that their children can fullfill their school holiday with something new and beneficial activity.


[1]Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad); "Aku berlindung kepada (Allah) Tuhan yang menciptakan sekalian makhluk, 
[2]"Dari bencana makhluk-makhluk yang Ia ciptakan; 
[3]"Dan dari bahaya gelap apabila ia masuk; 
[4]"Dan dari kejahatan makhluk-makhluk yang menghembus-hembus pada simpulan-simpulan (dan ikatan-ikatan); 
[5]"Dan dari kejahatan orang yang dengki apabila ia melakukan dengkinya".